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Friday, March 9, 2012

Cute Baby Goat

The Goat generation is starting about 2thousand years ago because I have read most information about this generation.All goats are very beautiful and looking very lovely and innocent.If you are visit this world so you may see every where in this world.My father have a big herd of the Goats.When I came back to my college,eating the bread,take shower and then go to with father for walking to herd of goats.I like my goats so much because they give us a lot money and milk.Goats milk have well power.I drink milk every night and my father too.

So many peoples came to me and told,why are you have a big herd of goat seal them and get a big house and some motor cars.But my father always replay to them"NO". So now I decided to shift an other country for sealing and purchasing our goats because we have a lot of herd and now we could not take care them.I like them too much.I want to give you more new information about these post but I am not well up in English so that,s why I can not to say.If I done any mistake so forgive me and told me about this.Thanks to see me here.

Cute Baby Goat
Cute Baby Goat very Beautiful
Cute Baby Goat with White color
Cute and funny baby Goat
Innocent Cute Baby Goat

1 comment:

  1. they are not innocent they are evil creatures that can ruin your life