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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Curious Pigeons from Below

This is very beautiful photos.Last night when I reached at my house so I saw there some pigeons that who out some different voices.When I heard that so I became very impressed to his voices.I have 4 pigeons that his colors black and white.I like black and yellow pigeons that who out some different voices.

While the compass mechanism appears to rely on the sun, the map mechanism has been highly debated. Some researchers believe that the map mechanism relies on the ability of birds to detect the Earth's magnetic field. It is true that birds can detect a magnetic field, to help them find their way home. A light-mediated mechanism that involves the eyes and is lateralized has been examined somewhat, but recent developments have implicated the trigeminal nerve in magnetoception.
Research by Floriano Papi (Italy, early 1970s) and more recent work, largely by Hans Wallraff, suggests that instead pigeons orient themselves using the spatial distribution of atmospheric odors, known as olfactory navigation. Near their home lofts, in areas they have previously visited, pigeons probably are guided by visual landmarks.Copy from Wikipedia

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