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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Bulldog Boss Dogs

Last Sunday I saw some different Dogs in my country.That,s time I became surprised because I did not see like that dogs before.My cousin and me go to there and ask to his owner Where are you buy that,s Dog.He told us I bought them from USA.That Dogs are looking like this Dog.My last day pass all about that thinking.My father do not like the Dogs.My father just like Puppies and me too.When I go to my friend house so he ask me every day about my puppies.When they are little that,s time puppies looking very lovely and very cute.Cute and lovely you know how do I love with them.Some times I am feeling so glad because my puppies came to me and play with me.

Wow very nice and big dog.I like this so much and I want to buy this.I have 2 dogs but they are different than this.I tell you about the below post.You are seeing this picture very attentive because that dog have big mouth and make me afraid Lol.

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